Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sam's Club

Last week Living Social ran a fantastic deal on a Sam's Club membership. A one-year membership was $45, plus you got a $20 gift card and $20 worth of vouchers for Sam's Club rotisserie chicken, pizza and cookies. On top of all that, since three of my friends (thank you kind friends!) bought off my link, I got mine for free! 
I've never been a huge Sam's or Costco fan because I think I can do better with coupons, sales and stockpiling at the grocery stores. But, since it was such a good deal, we decided to give it a shot. Overall, I was impressed with the all-natural selection. 
Here's a look at what I got and what I spent...

Veggie Chips $4.98 for a big bag...I've never had this brand before, so we'll see how they are. 
Yogurt $8.58 for 18...Kroger brand is a little cheaper on sale, but my kids like the Yoplait better.
Chix breast 6 lbs...a great deal at $10.98
Fruit cups $6.98 for 4 packs of 4...these have one perservative ingredient in them, but they are so convenient for traveling and going out to eat, I look past it. 
Butter...4 lbs for $7.98. I can usually get 1 lb for $2.50 on sale at Kroger, so a great deal

Goldfish crackers...Thompson household staple $9.65 for that huge box
Rotisserie chix...3 lbs of chix for $ awesome deal since Kroger just raised the price on their rotisserie chicken to $7.99 for one half the size. Plus, I've found rotisserie chix freezes well.

On a side note, we ate out at O'Charley's after shopping...who is this girl that got broccoli over fries??? Clean eating is sinking in deep :)

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