Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chiopolte Just Gets It

Before I start this post, I just have to say that Chipolte is not reimbursing me in any way for my comments (although I would take a free burrito bowl if anyone is offering!). I just love this place and wanted to share :)

So anyway, I just LOVE Chipolte! They just get it...they understand what the consumer wants and how food (even fast food!) is meant to be. I love that their menu is so simple, yet you have lots of options to customize the handful of main choices. I love that the food is (mostly) healthy. I love that you can make responsible food choices and splurge a bit (hello guacamole and lime tortilla chips!). I love that everything is freshly made, organic and all-natural. I love that the meat comes from responsible farmers. And, I just love the taste!!!

Ok, end to my ode to Chipolte because it's just making me hungry :)

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