Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 1 Cleanse

In my research into clean eating, a lot of people suggested doing a cleanse before starting clean eating, especially to clear out the liver. My experience with cleanses is minimal and what I found online reinforced what I thought a cleanse would be...disgusting, time-consuming, complicated, etc. After consulting with my Facebook peeps, my friend Katie introduced me to Advocare and their 10-day Herbal Cleanse. I checked it out and decided it was perfect for what I needed.

Here's a look at Day 1:

Breakfast--Advocare fiber drink (totally gross!) and a banana
Mid-morning snack--handful of nuts
Lunch--salad with carrots, few squirts of Wishbone ranch dressing spray and cubed ham
Afternoon snack--two spoonfuls of peanut butter
Dinner--grilled chicken breast, sauteed vegetable primavera
Herbal pills before bed and LOTS of water (half my body weight in ounces) throughout the day

Workout--Insanity Fit Test

The idea of the cleanse is load up on fruits, veggies, lean protein and good fats and avoid carbs, refined sugars, fatty foods and junk. 
So far so good...but it's only been 24 hours ;)

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