Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 15--Bonefish Grill

Breakfast--I indulged and had cereal for breakfast. I LOVE cereal!! Seriously, I could eat cereal for every meal, every day and for snacks too. We never had sugary cereals in our house growing up, so when I went to college and had Lucky Charms for the first time, I was hooked! :) Alas, most yummy cereals are full of preservatives, empty calories and sugar. However, yesterday at Kroger, Mom's Best Cereal was on sale for $.99 (killer deal!) and they make a version just like Cocoa Pebbles (called Crispy Cocoa Rice), one of my all-time fav cereals. So, that's what I had this morning. It tasted almost exactly like the Cocoa Pebbles I love!! Even though it was all-natural, it was still super high in sugar (13g) so alas, it will be a once-in-awhile treat.
Mid-morning snack--nothing 
Lunch--leftover Skyline cheese coneys and Pepsi Max
Afternoon snack--nothing
Dinner--Thanks to my awesome bro and sis-in-law, we dined at Bonefish Grill tonight. I had the fish tacos with spring green salad and balsamic vinaigrette. I also had a Rum Punch and one piece of yummy bread with pesto dipping sauce. Delish!
Bedtime snack--Another treat...Orange Leaf :) 'nuff said!
Workout--rest day

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