Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 9 Cleanse

I'm getting so close I can taste the carbs ;) Tomorrow night we have small group and it's appetizer night...usually that would totally be bad news for my willpower, but I am working on a couple of all natural, not-so-bad-for-you appetizers...tune in tomorrow!

Breakfast--Fiber drink
Mid-morning snack--nothing
Lunch--two eggs
Afternoon snack--two handful almonds (I added in a few chocolate chips...I'm so bad! ;)
Dinner--chicken stir-fry with lots of yummy veggies

Evening snack--two spoonfuls of peanut butter
LOTS of water all day

Workout--25 minutes on the elliptical

On another note, I made the kids mac and cheese today for lunch. Usually, I buy and make the Kroger brand mac and cheese out of the box. Whoa additives and preservatives!!
 Thankfully, Trader's Joes also makes a boxed mac and cheese that's much more natural, with most ingredients I can pronounce. Still several unrecognizable ingredients, but again, better than the other steps :) Bonus, the Trader's Joes was on sale for $.99...not too shabby!

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